Painting “Gateway to Asia”, Canvas, Oil paint, изобразительное искусство, Animalistic, Kazakhstan, 2018

$ 5 000
Condition: used
Location: Kazakhstan, Uralsk
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Michael Brownsan Michael Brownsan. Gateway to Asia
The painting "Gateway to Asia" was completed in 2018. The picture illustrates the gate above the gate Buddha. Buddha personifies the state of spiritual development. The rich play of colors harmonizes with each other and lures. Looking at the picture, you can see a huge meaning, in the form of people, their daily life and also the gateway leading to infinity. When leaving for another country, the painting was temporarily exhibited in the gallery. In the gallery, it was placed in a place not protected from the sun, which eventually formed small defects in the form of small cracks
ID: 39597
Artist: Michael Brownsan Michael Brownsan (b. 1986)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2018
Applied technique: Oil paint
Medium: Canvas
Size: 85 x 120 cm
Framing: Framed
Art style: изобразительное искусство
Historical era:
Genre: Animalistic
Shipping to: Worldwide
Payment method: Wire Transfer, Paypal
Delivery method: Courier service
Purchase returns: No return
Country or place of origin: Kazakhstan
Object type: Painting
Keywords: Asia, Buddha, вера, минимализм, просвещение

Information about the artist

Hello, my name is Timur. I have been interested in fine arts since childhood. I would like to collaborate with your platform. For me, art is life. Creating is as vital as breathing. When I paint my watercolors - I live ...

It seems to me that the biggest problem for people in this life is that we do not understand how to cope with our thought process, we do not understand the true power of concentrated thinking.

In fact, we become who we think to become. Sometimes subconsciously, sometimes completely consciously. As a child, I always wanted to become an artist and see my paintings framed. They could "live" in someone's house, saturate it with the living energy of creativity ... Finally, my dream came true. It's amazing how our thoughts are materialized, be…