Natali Ruda. icon of the saint princess elizabeth

Location:Ukraine, Kharkov
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Natali Ruda. icon of the saint princess elizabeth
This is one of my favorite works ... It was written for the Gornensky monastery in Jerusalem, where it is now kept. A particle of the relics of this beautiful saint was put into the icon. If God leads you to Jerusalem, be sure to visit the beautiful monastery built at the meeting place of the Mother of God and St. .Elizabeth ...

The icon is written on a special icon board, egg tempera. The background is covered with gold. The finished icon is embedded in a high quality wooden icon case.

By purchasing a handwritten icon, you will receive a valuable family relique and pass it on to your children. I, in turn, will be happy to write any image for your order.

The value of this art form is increasing every year. Buying a quality handwritten icon will be your best investment.
About the artist
Иконописец с 10-летним опытом работы.
Закончила иконописное отделение при Харьковской Духовной Семинарии (Украина)
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