Painting Hunter and beaver

Condition: new
Location: Russia, Moscow
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Natalia Kadolina. Hunter and beaver
This painting is a copy of one unusual illustration from a medieval book (bestiary). Presumably France, 12th century.
I really like the medieval illustrations. That's what inspired me to create these paintings. They can have fun and original look in a modern interior. Be bright and memorable accent.
About the plot.
The beaver bites off his testicles due to the fact that this is the one part of the body, which are hunted as they are valued in medicine. Therefore, hearing the sounds of hunting horns, the beaver bites off his everything, than the hunter came, and he stops the chase. On semicastrate beaver reported the ancient writers.
Such a strange image of a beaver in a dog, too, is easily explained by the text, as the bestiaries generally report that the beaver is also called "Pontic dogs." Beaver images, close to reality, in the bestiaries, a rarity.
For the picture used linen canvas on the stretcher, oil paints, gold and gold leaf. The ends are painted.
About the artist
Живу в Москве. С 2015 г. по 2018 г. обучалась живописи в МГАХИ им. В. И. Сурикова на отделении ДПО. Защитила диплом с присвоением специальности "художник". Профессия художника не является моей основной. Но все свое свободное время уделяю живописи, хочу развивать и совершенствоваться в этом направлении.