“Psyche” Canvas Acrylic paint Fantasy 2017

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Nataliia Bahatska. Psyche
Psyche, or Psyche (al-Greek Ψυχή - "soul", "breath") - in ancient Greek mythology - the personification of the soul, breath; was represented in the image of a butterfly or a girl with butterfly wings. A Hellenistic personification of the soul as female whith a wings of butterfly. Author's technique, the image is firmly fixed on the canvas, it is not erased and is not washed off.
romantic, women, black and white, classic, mithology, nude.

Related themes: Painting, Other, Pastel, Portraiture, Realism, Expressionism, Classicism, Canvas, Angels, Women, History, Classical mythology, Portraits, Psyche, wings, women, butterfly, mith, large, portrait, nude, charcoal grafic on canvas, romantic, classic, black and white.

Information about the artist

I was born in 1967.
Graduated childrens art school.
Graduated from Kyiv National University of Design, designer in 1993.
Academy of Psychosocial Technologies in 2008
The artworks are in Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, France, UK, USA, Vietnam, Canada, Netherlands.
Recently, all paintings have been created in hyperrealism and pop art.
Exhibition "Pro Cheese", ArtHall "D12", Kiev, 2021.
IV Ukrainian Festival of Contemporary Women's Art at the Institute of Contemporary Art of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2021
International exhibition "# 365daysafter" in the gallery "Artist", Kyiv, 2021. Exhibition "HRYVNA ART" in the Palace of Arts, Lviv, 2021.
Exhibition "HRYVNA ART" in the Museum of History of Kyiv, Kyiv, 2021.
Exhibition "HRYVNA ART" in the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2021.
Exhibition at the Sky Mall, Kiev. 2021
Competition Pro Cheese Awards, Kiev, Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center. Grand Prix. 2021
Exhibition "Барви світу" in Parlament of Ukraine. Kyiv. Ukraine, 2019
Sheldon Rose Gallery, "Big Ideas in Small Art", Toronto, Canada, 2019
Group exhibition from Ukraine at 58 Venice Biennale, "Falling shadow Dreams over gardens Giardini ". Italy, 2019
Exhibition "Vizionario" in la galleria Merlino Bottega d'arte di Firenze. Italy, 2019
Exhibition in ABC-art gallery. Kyiv, 2019
1st All-Ukrainian Triennale "NU-ART", Kremenchuk, 2018
"Ukraine from Trypillya to the present in the images of contemporary artists" - Biennial. National Union of Artists of Ukraine (NUAU), Kyiv, 2018
"Picturesque Ukraine", NUAU,the city of Severodonetsk, 2017.
Biennale of abstract Painting,NUAU, Kyiv, 2017
Until the Day of the Artist, NUAU, Kyiv, 2016, 2017, 2018.
"Portrait Painting" , gallery "Mytets", Kyiv, 2017
"To the 160th anniversary of Ivan Franko",NUAU, Ivano-Frankivsk city, 2016
On Independence Day of Ukraine, NUAU, Kyiv, 2017, 2018,
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