“Cognitive dissonance” Mixed media Abstract art Animalistic 2019

Condition: | Available | Ukraine, Lions
€ 599
Nataliia Vahanova. Cognitive dissonance
Technique - watercolor wool.
The picture is consistent reupload multicolored strands of wool that are superimposed on each other, as if forming brush strokes.When posting pictures you don't use the glue technique for wet or dry felting wool. The finished picture is fixed to frame with glass.
The picture of the "Cognitive dissonance" is very emotionally difficult.We see a bright, loving, lives the mighty lion.But he's on fire.In the fire of their emotions, resulting from a complex internal conflict with himself.Lion - a predator - a strong-willed, self-willed.But in one of the eyes, conventionally caged, visible sadness and despair.Second - rage and anger. Lion in society - here you can be yourself, here you have to play the role imposed on and be comfortable.
Life is a theater,
And wearing a dress, makeup,
Times are changing for the role.
Your soul tormented
Plays on the audience,
Burn in the fire.

Information about the artist

Для меня рисование это другой волшебный, фантастический мир, в который я погружаюсь, чтобы оторваться от реальности. В каждую свою работу я вкладываю частичку себя, свою энергию.Я рисую акриловыми красками и с удовольствием выкладываю картины из овечьей шерсти.

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