Fritz Neumann. “Miss!!!”, XIX - n. XX centuries.

Fritz Neumann. “Miss!!!”, XIX - n. XX centuries.
Artist Fritz Neumann (1881-1919). Category 3 according to Soloviev (p. 930). Halls,. oil. Dimensions: 60х85 see Munchen, Germany, XIX - n. XX centuries. Neumann, Fritz (Fritz Neumann) (1881-1919) - German painter, graphic and sculptor. He was born near the town of Boleslawiec, Poland now. He studied at the art studios of A. Vogel, and Th. Rauch in Berlin. For some time he lived in Ukraine and Russia, studied the history of military costume and weapons.
Created a large series of paintings devoted to the history of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks and the war of 1812. The works of the master were reproduced on numerous postcards and were published in periodicals.
He lived in Aachen and Oldenburg. Gained fame as a painter of battle scenes.
His works are in museums and private collections of Germany and Russia.
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