“Pasture Cow and child Cow oil painting Original oil Oil animals” Realist Animalistic 2017

$ 500
Location: Ukraine, Тернополь
Nicholas Kaftan. Pasture, Cow and child, Cow oil painting, Original oil, Oil animals
An original oil painting. Artist Nicholas Kaftan. 19 x 35 inches (50 х 90 sm.)
Cows portrait on canvas
The work looks very beautiful and realistic.
Fine decorate for your home.
It is a perfect present for any occasion!
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ID: 12774
Artist: Nicholas Kaftan (b. 1978)
Year of manufacture: 2017
Size: 90 x 50 x 3 cm
Style: Realist
Genre: Animalistic

Information about the artist

"The basis of my work is love for life and art, desire to see the beauty of art in the infinite variety of colors and images. My favorite genres are portrait and animalism. I like to portrait animals. I admire their beauty, grace and energy . I try to show it all on my canvases. Overall, I love my profession. I want my pictures to give people only warm and positive feeling. "...