Olga Tsvetkova. Cute grey rat

Location:Lithuania, Vilnius
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Olga Tsvetkova. Cute grey rat
This is entirely hand drawn rat portrait. 20cm x 20cm
This cute rat portrait is created on natural cotton canvas using high quality oil paints.
Also you can order a portrait of your pet. Just send a photo of your pet (dog, cat, horse etc) and I'll create a beautiful portrait oil painted or pastel drawn.
Personalized pet portrat is one of the best idears for a gift.
About the artist
I allways loved drawing and painting. But different circumstances interrupted me from creating art for a long time. And last years I've got the time and opportunity to do what I love best. I love wachting nature and animals, especially dogs. I like to watch them, analyze, reveal the character and mood, and then try to reflect this all in my pictures. I'm fond of drawing with pastels on paper and painting with oils on canvas. These techniques help me express emotions, shape, character of the animal through the color. I was born in Moscow, Russia, but now I'm living in Lithuania. I would like to sell my works because I want to show my works different tipes of people in different countries. All my friends, relatives and neirbours have already seen my works, most of them bought it. I'm ready to move on.