Rita Kazantseva. The Firebird

Location:Russia, Anapa
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Rita Kazantseva. The Firebird
The Firebird. 2019. LaDoll. 77cm. The sculpture is 100%. Costume for Tamara Karsavina by the sketch by Leon Bakst for the ballet of the same name (this costume and remained a sketch... the original was created more than a simplified version). On the sketches by Leon Bakst, the Firebird was different. Trousers, top, transparent skirt, decorated with peacock feathers, high headdress, richly ornamented. Strands of pearls and gold bracelets complement the shiny suit, fiery yellow and orange colors.
Diaghilev's Russian seasons in Paris. Work for Art Dolls. Doll was presented in December in Gostiny Dvor on Ilyinka on the stand TLC PDI Russia.
About the artist
Член Союза Художников ДПИ России
  • 17.12.2018 Искусство Куклы, Гостиный двор, Москва