Dmitry Vorsin. Schizosexual. Lepus. Lupus.

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Dmitry Vorsin. Schizosexual. Lepus. Lupus.
The Painting "Schizosexual. Lepus. Lupus" was established in 2008 by a talented artist, surrealist Vladimir Verinym tea on tinted cardboard with ink and varnished. Lepus (the Hare in Latin) and Lupus (Wolf).

You know the saying Venancia fortunata, one of the most famous Latin poets and ecclesiastical writers of the era of the Merovingians: "Homo homini est lepus. Lepus, lupus non; nam terreri terrere magis quam humanum est" (Man is a rabbit. Rabbit, not a wolf; because people are more inclined to fear than to inspire it). Also in the southern hemisphere are visible constellation of the Hare (Lepus) and Wolf (Lupus).

Dmitry Vorsin creates surreal worlds populated by mystical erotic characters. Drawing inspiration from Salvador Dali, his images are often elongated and decapitated limbs.

Villi-taught works in the difficult technique of "graphic ink". He creates paintings with dots on the cardboard, impregnated with tea. Countless points weaves distorted figures, inspired not only Dali, but also the paintings of the Renaissance.

The works of Dmitry NAP was included in 2011 in the book "Metamorphosis: Volume 2: 50 best modern artists, the Surrealists, dreamers and visionaries", along with such modern masters of surrealism, as Shawn Barber, Travis Louie, Paul Booth, HR Giger. ,

The NAP pictures you can see the topics covering the history of Western art for many centuries: the search for idealized forms; the relationship between science and religion; a challenging game between artist, subject and viewer.

Unfortunately, Dmitry Vorsin stopped writing. All of his paintings have long been in private collections and galleries in USA, Germany, Spain, Russia.

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