Sergei Zabelin. Picture "the evening dawn"

Location:Russia, Sankt-Petersburg
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Sergei Zabelin. Picture "the evening dawn"
One time in Moscow I became addicted to hunting for a duck. I actually did not have no game, but when you're still standing in the middle of the swamp, waiting for when she's on a very low flight will fly at you. Quiet quiet silence!...Duck in spring and autumn flew over lakes, bogs, and perhaps even on something during the evening and the morning dawn. Autumn and during veterania from the swamp water was usually heated up in a day pairs. The impression and visibility of a light mist...
About the artist
Военный. Подполковник. "Афганец". В 33 года служил на Дальнем Востоке. Возраст Иисуса Христа и ничего не сделано для вечности... Решил попробовать себя в масле, пошел в детскую художественную школу к преподавателю. Научился разводить краски и т.д. и т. п. Ну, вот как-то так. Пишу уже 35 лет. Сейчас мне 68.
  • 00.00. , II-й Международный Фестиваль народного творчества СССР 1987г., ВДНХ СССР, ЦДХ г. Москва