Sergei Zabelin. The painting "birches Umiliata"

Location:Russia, Sankt-Petersburg
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Sergei Zabelin. The painting "birches Umiliata"
Always loved to paint birch... In every season and even in any of it. Some people think that white birch. And in the fall they have some grey. Become white in winter, when they have a bluish snow. Against this background, snow they seem to be white. And in the spring they are perfect to transparency white! Even glow white! I wrote them on shop-primed piece of bark of an old birch. I think it had as it is impossible by the way... Beresta glued to the canvas and stretched it on a piece of plywood. Here is such a turned out material works...
About the artist
Военный. Подполковник. "Афганец". В 33 года служил на Дальнем Востоке. Возраст Иисуса Христа и ничего не сделано для вечности... Решил попробовать себя в масле, пошел в детскую художественную школу к преподавателю. Научился разводить краски и т.д. и т. п. Ну, вот как-то так. Пишу уже 35 лет. Сейчас мне 68.
  • 00.00. , II-й Международный Фестиваль народного творчества СССР 1987г., ВДНХ СССР, ЦДХ г. Москва