Sergei Zabelin. Picture "Overgrown lake"

Location:Russia, Sankt-Petersburg
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Sergei Zabelin. Picture "Overgrown lake"
About five years during my military service, I lived in Latvia. I really, really liked her nature. Oaks and hazel next to tiny, in the form of a brook, river with a bridge. Many very deep lakes in the middle of small hills with copses of carp and reeds along the banks. My daughter Mary went with fishing rods on this carp. Sometimes on the lake sailed the lonely wild, the beautiful swans. They were not afraid of the daughter, swam to shore and almost out of her palms took the bread. Sometimes, if not much stomping while walking away dozing under the closest Bush to the shore of the hare.
About the artist
Военный. Подполковник. "Афганец". В 33 года служил на Дальнем Востоке. Возраст Иисуса Христа и ничего не сделано для вечности... Решил попробовать себя в масле, пошел в детскую художественную школу к преподавателю. Научился разводить краски и т.д. и т. п. Ну, вот как-то так. Пишу уже 35 лет. Сейчас мне 68.
  • 00.00. , II-й Международный Фестиваль народного творчества СССР 1987г., ВДНХ СССР, ЦДХ г. Москва