Sergei Zorov. "Mountain wind"

Location:Kazakhstan, Almaty
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Sergei Zorov. "Mountain wind"
Artist Sergey Zorov
The title of the painting "Mountain wind"
Brief description of the work: Canvas. Oil. 2005.
size:100х70 see
The painting "Mountain wind" was exhibited in 4 solo exhibitions of Sergey Zorova, including in the exhibition “ MIRAGES”, the State Museum of arts. A. Kasteeva.
The firmness and the beauty of the movement
Mighty mountains and inaccessible peaks, cool mountain peaks set up laws by which we live mountain ranges and gorges. No such power exists that is able to change something and break the monument. Here reigns the stability and silence.
But while the world moves, our crazy world can all agree with the laws under which live the mountain giants? What should be the force that can stop a violent movement? It is a drive that does not see and does not find obstacles on its path. This burning energy, striving for freedom, depicted in the painting "Mountain wind" – symbolically, in the form of a galloping horse. And comes to mind the line from one overexposed pop song: "...My thoughts, my horses..." although this comparison is very imaginative. But this way helps me to recognize in himself, is the dual state of my soul, the order of my actions and desires.
Bright colors, reveal to us the temperament of the artist, who has chosen as its mission the fate of the artist, the preacher, the beauty of the world. The ability to prove that our life, its beauty – is the spiritual incarnation, it already belongs to the true artist's skill. Each painting, as a separate self-contained story, or an essay about the experiences, about dreams, about the dreams... All of his paintings are characterized by individual appliances, which is easy to recognize, if you look at his other paintings.
About the artist
Работа над картинами, над портретами, сюжетными полотнами, и скульптурой неустанно проходящая прямой линией через всю жизнь художника, является основной целью жизни художника.
«Огненное солнце, раскалённые пески, голубые миражи» – это всё в сердце художника, это и есть то место, где родилась мечта. Не потерять мечту в течении жизни, сохранить то лучшее, что дала человеку природа от рождения и донести это до людей задача художника
  • 01.03.2017 персональная выставка «Мираж» Сергея Зорова, Государственный музей искусств РК им. А. Кастеева, г.Алматы Казахстан
  • 01.01.2017 Персональная Благотворительная выставка, в отеле «Казахстан», совместно с Международным благотворительным фондом «Ак Асар» в рамках акции «Художники Казахстана – детям, Казахстан, отель «Казахстан» Алматы
  • 01.03.2017 Персональная Благотворительная выставка в отеле «Алмата», Казахстан, отель «Алмата»