Sergey Soncev. "Siberian Amazon"

Location:Russia, Omsk
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Sergey Soncev. "Siberian Amazon"
On this canvas I wanted to convey the image of a confident and purposeful young woman who, in spite of its power and energy is very feminine and delicate.

I wondered how a modern girl can be so much fortitude and greatness.
And came to the conclusion - it's the fact that she lives in harmony with nature and not lost connection with their ancestors. I decided to portray the dolmen, as a symbol of this connection.

The red dress is a sign of passion and love.
My Amazon goes to meet her lover, who is also galloping towards her on his horse.
But he remained beyond the canvas.
I did that on purpose, because every viewer-male might want to be in his place.

As you know, my Amazon has nothing to do with mythical characters.

I hope for someone to be this attractive, graceful look belowemail goddess, in terms of which dangle on the greatness and gentleness of character simultaneously; in the graceful mill is composed of pride and at the same time devotion to the man.
About the artist
Мой творческий путь начался с 1990 года после встречи с художником-профессионалом Алексеем Майевичем.
Жил и работал в Якутске, Ейске, сейчас в Омске.
Путешествую по РФ.
Любимые темы в живописи - лошади, стерхи, пейзажи России.
А также портреты маслом и в других техниках.
Постоянно учусь и совершенствуюсь, пробую что-то новое.