Sergey Ternavsky. Song of a lonely bird

Location:Ukraine, Kiev
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Sergey Ternavsky. Song of a lonely bird
The picture is made in broad strokes pasty, with a strong expression , due to the volume of the stroke creates a sense of movement on the canvas. The plot is not new, but relevant. Soaring skyward is in a precarious position. On the one hand, the doubts and old cliches inhibit movement up and feet still trying to cling to the earth, but the arms have turned into wings and rush into the skies. Those same individuals that left behind full of envy, mistrust, and hope that some will crash back down. They are waiting for.
About the artist
Родился, живу и работаю в городе Киеве. Художник-иллюстратор. Работаю в основном на договорной основе, занимаюсь оформлением детской и художественной литературы. Параллельно занимаюсь живописью, принимал участие в различных выставках.