Painting “Скрипка и роза в бокале”, канва, Oil paint, Post-impressionist, Still life, Ukraine, 2019

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Condition: new
Location: Ukraine, Stryi
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Serhiy Berezin. Скрипка и роза в бокале
The violin that sounds eternity will survive the time-worn books again will sound as gentle as the touch of rose petals, prickly, but so tender and desirable.
Crystals and moonlight
dreams mystic and lunatic
drenched in lusciousness
of tinsel rains scattering
inebriating hues and tints
mindboggling silences
lead the way for
violin ritournelles
drawn and conjured
meditations and illusions
starlet laughter and
subliminal transcendent
ID: 47368
Artist: Serhiy Berezin (b. 1959)
Originality: Original from the artist
Year of manufacture: 2019
Applied technique: Oil paint
Medium: канва
Size: 70 x 90 x 3 cm
Framing: Картина без обрамления
Art style: Post-impressionist
Стилистик эра:
Genre: Still life
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Purchase returns: No return
Country or place of origin: Ukraine
Object type: Painting
Keywords: Flower still life, Roses, бокал, ваза, скрипка

Information about the artist

Serhiy Berezin. I was born in 1959 and still live in a small picturesque town of Stryi, Ukraine.

In 1982 he graduated in absentia from the National Art University in Leningrad (today St. Petersburg). He also received a diploma of a specialist in the field of chemistry of inorganic compounds from the Lviv Polytechnic University. It helps me a lot in developing my own designer paints.

Azam studied painting with his mother, who at one time was a master of a very high class.

My technique is not similar to the already known art school methods. I create and in constant search for something new, different from others.

For glazing, I sometimes use paints left by my mother and grandfather. Very old pigments of the 19th century, which allow you to work even in the technique of absolute stretching of paints, similar to the watercolor technique.

Over the long years of creativity, most of my works adorn the homes of my fans around the world.

Repeatedly participated in regional exhibitions. One of the exhibitions was especially memorable. It took place in Moscow (international exhibition "Mother and Child" 2003), where I was awarded the first prize for sponsorship of the International Fund for Helping Children in Need. There were also many exhibitions in the capital of Ukraine.

Now I try to work in different styles and I am constantly looking for something new in solving the problems of modern painting, to show what we stand in this society, and how painting makes us think about our being.