Svetlana Brazhnikova. Color face

Location:Ukraine, Krivoy Rog
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Svetlana Brazhnikova. Color face
The idea of this picture is that how many people on the planet, and they are all different, with different skin color, different language, with different thoughts and actions, but it is the Foundation of the global balance. For mirovni harmony is so important that the world lived so different and opposite to each other, and each is somewhat unique. How much nature has created in the world of talent, and they simply baby. Every stroke and color of this picture, each drawn element, it's those unique, talented people of our planet!
About the artist
Родилась и живу в Украине, работаю и учусь заочно. Моя главная цель и мечиа - стать известным современным художником. Люблю свою жизнь. Много мечтаю.Верю в то, что мысли матереалны, и каждый человек на планете может жить так, как он мечтает!