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TOMRIKO Orman. Temptation
So many read books about the visual arts in an attempt to convince himself that "art look" is for me the highest good. I was deeply convinced that the way of art to me is the true reward. But that there are tipping points. In the kitchen. In the dim light of night lights. Black cumin oil has not ceased to ask, "What are you beauty?" Desantiruetsya red wine in the glass begged to be dissolved in my veins. And came to me my inspiration! Carlo Crivelli. He gave me a stinging slap and ran away. What happened next, I don't remember. But now and forever I'm not just a critic. I'm an artist. Inspiration, Hello!
When an artist paints a picture, he does not reveal his divine plan, and leaves the viewer with a mystery, a mystery which everyone understands in their own way. It's not just oil on canvas. It's me. I and my impulse.
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