Vasily Ptyukhin. Park Svistula

Location:Russia, Vologda
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Vasily Ptyukhin. Park Svistula
Svistula in Aleksandrov called picturesque trees, covering approximately 10 hectares on the banks of the river Gray. It is located about halfway between Alexander Sloboda hotel "Alexandrov" (about 10 minutes walk from each of these objects). Svistula – a traditional and favorite citizens a place of rest, where held a variety of festive events and Christmas (and new year), Easter and May festivals, Carnival and summer-autumn festivals. On Shrove Tuesday burnt the effigy of Ivan Kupala – jump over the fire and the garlands on the water.
About the artist
Vasily Ptyukhin was born in 1948. He graduated from the Far Eastern
Institute of Arts. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Laureate
of the International Fund «Cultural Heritage». Participant of regional,
all-Russian and foreign exhibitions. Participant in the open-air in the
Vologda, Bryansk, Tver and Vladimir regions, in Spain and Montenegro.
Awarded with diplomas and letters of appreciation of regional
and city administrations, as well as of the Union of Artists of Russia.