Vladimir Olhov. Crimean motives

Location:Russia, Sevastopol
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Vladimir Olhov. Crimean motives
Slow the force of splashing in the stones
powerful and lazy.
The sea spoke in strange languages -
accurately and beautifully.
Zori died in his waves
trembling rays,
stars scattered thorny sonorous dust
clear nights.
Blue color I can't find
than your depth.
Colorful sunrise never see
ever, and from now on.
TRANS lunar surf... it Is time to get
captured your charisma, -
this alone is not exhausted
for the rest of my life.
About the artist
Ольхов Владимир Николаевич (Россия, Севастополь) - Живописец. Родился 30 июля 1956 года в г. Севастополь. Член Национального Союза художников Украины с 1990 года. Член Всероссийского творческого общественного Союза художников России с 2014 года.