Vladimir Vladimirov. Oil in the desert

Location:Russia, Sertolovo
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Vladimir Vladimirov. Oil in the desert
A social being that has intelligence and consciousness, and the subject of socio-historical activities and culture of blacks transformed into the plane of the machine designed for layer-by-layer seal incoherent, malovjazkih and cohesive soils and foundations during the construction of embankments, dams, road foundations and other earthworks on the construction of roads, airfields, hydraulic structures in a natural area characterized by a predominantly or totally flat surface, the sparsity or absence of flora and specific fauna in the interval of time from sunrise to sunset, one of the stars of our Galaxy (the milky Way) and the only star of the Solar system Around which turn other objects of this system address: planets and their satellites, dwarfish planets and their satellites, asteroids, meteoroid, comets and cosmic dust.
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