“Cover milking machine guns” Leather Mixed media 2017

€ 500
Condition: new
Location: Ukraine, Одесса
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Yevgeniy Petrov. Cover milking machine guns
Ladies and gentlemen, I offer holsters for guns and other exclusive leather goods.

The covers are manufactured manually under any kind (size) of the rifle. In the manufacture of the cover is applied bovine leather ,thickness of leather 4-5 mm.The case has a rigid base protects the gun during transport.The interior of the case covered in faux fur, the inside of the case is mounted, a movable partition dividing the case into two rooms: in order to make the barrel not in contact with the butt. If the gun is not collapsible, the partition is not assigned . When assembling the case is used corespun thread for lacing leather laces.The interior of the case is two separate types of technology work on the skin: free stamping and drawing on the skin, performed with acrylic paints and secured by a latch. The design of the case has dozens of different options . You can make the covers according to customer's design : to push the name and other identification, up to the portrait of the customer. Making case takes ten to twenty days depending on the complexity of the ornamental parts of the case. All work is done manually.It is also possible to manufacture exclusive leather belts,bags, etc.
ID: 17416
Artist: Yevgeniy Petrov (b. 1946)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2017
Applied technique: Mixed media
Medium: Leather
Size: 84 x 9 x 23 cm
Framing: Unframed
Shipping to: Only around the city, Within the country, Worldwide
Payment method: Wire Transfer, Credit card, Cash
Delivery method: Postal service, Courier service, pickup by yourself
Purchase returns: No return

Information about the artist

Мне 71 год. Закончил театрально-художественное училище. Работаю с кожей, тиснение кожи, роспись кожи; изготовление тубусов, сумок, кошельков, ремней.