Mirror “I'M THE MAGNET OF HAPPINESS”, Mixed media, Renaissance, Allegory, 2019

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Location: Ukraine, Kharkiv
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Miracle glass mirror mandala - “I'm the MAGNET of HAPPINESS” , which increase your desire,love and prosperity nine times.

Circle – symbols of peace, shrouded in a beautiful halo of perfection. Image in the circle or mandala have long been a means of expressing the unity of man with the universe. Many figures in all parts of the world were used in magical, religious, alchemical and other rituals.
They have become subjects of tradition or the cult around the world and was created in the process of rituals with the use of any
The calendar of the Maya civilization, in the shape mandalapooja materials: stones, sand, clay, various grains.
Patterns, ornaments, or image in a circle was applied to fabric, ware, or body, they found expression in architecture, sculpture, jewelry.
No one except the initiated knew not what means each particular mandala, and the meaning of collective rituals with their use seemed most vague. But, nevertheless, the effect of their impact is still achieved.
The amazing thing is that this kind of creativity is typical for the living to this day primitive tribes and advanced civilizations. After all, the mandala expresses something universal for all people.
Some subtle, never inconceivable the integrity of creation, combining disparate and often irreconcilable sides, like a pole on the globe. Comparison with macro-and microcosm is not surprising, as a planet, star, orbit, particles, atoms are round in shape.

The importance of the symbolism of the circle as the screen on which the broadcast the internal processes cannot be overemphasized. Circle brings out what is happening inside you (thoughts, feelings, fantasies).. the Circle itself structures the space inside, filled with energy, joy, freedom, new experience. Extremely interesting to trace the dynamics of "stage of life" your personal mandala, and its subsequent transformation.
In an endless variety of options of color combinations, patterns, patterns and shapes, you can learn how to "read" sent from the depths of centuries, but in line with the present. We all want to know how to be successful and happy, and this desire should be seen as belonging simultaneously to us and the entire universe!
. In this way it is possible to achieve a balance of internal and external, physical and emotional, male and female.

Three ways of interaction with the mirror MAGNITSKAYA :
To make the mirror in your house, clear fire (to bring a candle or put on top of neat little candle . Carefully so the wax didn't get on the surface) Looking at the fire alone, with a quiet breath and mentally say, the desire or the carrying out of the plan. Then place in a convenient location so you can every morning and evening before bed to see his reflection . After the execution of this desire the mirror, you can restart the new desired vector , also through the fire.

Give a loved one or friend whom you desire true healing , finding love and prosperity, the writing on the back of the mirror your deepest wishes. (especially works if you personally are seen very rarely with this man .) Seeing his reflection in the mirror, your friend will always remember about you and your love and support.
Take a sheet of colored cardboard and restartit grid Bagua in all areas of your life and activities. Clearing the mirror on fire place it in the center of your table. Post in the “personal” cozy place, your workplace or on the kitchen hearth. The results will exceed expectations!

The mirror MAGNETICALLY made of high quality materials (professional stained glass paint and the edges.8-year warranty) you Can gently clean wash mirrors. (Although if you're actively “communicate” with a mirror , then it is not dusty))) it is Advisable not to place in areas of strong changes in temperature, moisture or humidity.

You can order a custom stained glass mirror of any diameter requests in color ( in the children's room interior, living room, kitchen, the country house looks amazing)
Love Luck of the Fulfillment of all his plans, become MAGNETOSTAT!

Master Eugene Siwook handmade @sivook 050 954 40 30
ID: 24408
Artist: YEVHENIIA SIVOOK (b. 1980)
Originality: Original
Year of manufacture: 2019
Applied technique: Mixed media, See description
Size: 0,03 x 12 x 12 cm
Framing: Unframed
Style: Renaissance
Genre: Allegory
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Object type: Mirror

Information about the artist

" вынуть из потока фреску. взять материал и отдать, проявить невидимое. попытка материализовать , визуализировать невидимое. Люблю то что делаю. Они живые пульсируют , светятся и звучат. Рада ,что картины трансформируют смотрящего"
Я Актриса. Исследую дорогу Театром.
:...Когда рисую достаю то , что невозможно достать умом. Мое чувство точное , что я предоставляю через меня кому -то рисовать...
Что это я не знаю, но Оно Есть*