Lot 535. According to Prof. Max Klinger: "studies No. 2 / study of Homer", light print, 1906.

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Lot 535According to Prof. Max Klinger: "studies No. 2 / study of Homer", light print, 1906.
Detail study of a seated male Nude, light pressure on green paper, in the print MK” (ligated) monogrammed”, dated”8./8. (19)06”, referred to as ”M. Klinger studies No 2/ reproduction Sinsel & Co G. m. b. H.” and titled ”study of Homer”, small edge damages, sheet dimension is 80 x 50 cm.
Max Klinger (1857 Leipzig up to 1920 Großjena in Naumburg /Saale), major dt. Graphic artist, painter and sculptor. Sunday school students of the school of Bauer in Leipzig, he studied from 1874 to Karl Gussow and Ludwig Des Coudres at the Academy of Karlsruhe, 1875, the exchange with Gussow at the Academy of Berlin in 1876, Academy certificate with distinction "Extraordinary" and Silver medal, 1879 in Brussels, here is a pupil of Emile Charles Wauters, 1880, in Munich, established in 1881, the Studio in Berlin, friendship to Karl Stauffer-Bern and acquaintance, Alfred Lichtwark, studies and working stays in Paris and Rome, and in 1892 a founding member of the "group of XI", from 1893 Atelier in Leipzig, in 1897, the Professor of the Leipzig Academy appointed a Corresponding member of the Vienna Secession in 1901, and a founding member and, since 1906, Chairman of the Villa Romana Association, 1903 acquisition of the vineyard cottage in large-Jena, Germany at Naumburg.

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