Lot 250. Pedigrees.

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Lot 250 | Pedigrees.
Pedigrees. Extensive collection of ancestors passports and pedigrees and certificates. Around 1936-1945. In 2 mod. Ring folders.

Collection with documents from Braunschweig, Berlin, Göttingen, Germany, Freudenberg Contain u. v. a.: 39 passports Ancestors in various designs, mostly with entries and stamps and some without. Including the ancestors pass by Ingrid Wolff of the Sahl, the absence of cooperation from 1939 at the 'manual of documents and forms in the German faith story'. - 15 multi-pleated, filled-in & 10 blank pedigree charts, including a 'Small SS-pedigree' and a 'made capital-pedigree' and a completed 'School-pedigree according to Karl Astel'. - In addition, 3 trausch a, 14 birth, baptismal and death certificates, 6 (1 blank) question sheets for proof of Aryan descent, 2 pages typescript 'style flowers from the time of the family tree research' and 'Smile letters (in the case of efforts to parentage evidence)' with quotes from letters from the new 'and the Sudetenland annexed', 2 extensive evidence of the Aryan ancestry with numerous certified true copy of certificates with a 14 or 15 p., a notice of the district court of Hannover and the Gausippenamtes poses, as well as a communication of the Braunschweig state archive: 'Repeat, please, your request a few months after the end of the war'.

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