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Lot 1845 | Album
Album with 8 great panoramic views of Italian landscapes and cities. Aquatint etchings by L. Cherbuin, F. Citterio u. F. Campi after Cherbuin, J. Mazzola, C. Bossoli, Majocchi u. G. Gariboldi for Fer. Artaria & son u. A. Vallardi, Milan 1820. Qu.Gr.Fol. Each carton raised u folded, On linen strips mounted. Red canvas-Album of the time with gold Rckn - & lid title "Italy dominated". (Signs of wear).

Contains: Lac de Como. Panorama de Tremezzina. - Lac Majeur. Panorama des Iles Borromées. - Genova (Genoa, Panorama of the harbour from the Campanile up to the Castello S. Giorgio). - Venezia (Teatro Malibran to Isola di S. Giorgio). - Milano (all Sig. Enr. Mylius, S. Lorenzo to Chiesa de Crociferi). - Firenze (from S. Lorenzo to the Loggia de Lanzi). - Roma (Monte Piccino to S. Pietro in Vaticano). - Napoli (Palazzo Giardino to Tempio S. Francesco da Pola, with Vesuvius in the Background). Dimensions approx 23 x 89 cm. - Cont., mainly in d. foxing (some Bug u. corners slightly stronger) edges. Table Firenze tickets.

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