Lot 375. Alfred BERNEGGER (1912-1978)

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Lot 375 | Alfred BERNEGGER (1912-1978)
Alfred BERNEGGER (1912-1978)
Blind in variations and Different
Lot of 9 large wood-cuts, 8 signed in pencil
Different Grvssen of 28.5 x 19.5 cm to 31.5 x 19.5 cm

Alfred Bernegger: graphic artist, painter, draughtsman and Illustrator. Born on 13.4.1912 in Lucerne, died at 19.11.1978 in Rheinau. 1927-29 visit to the art school in Lucerne, Switzerland: drawing lessons with Joseph of moss. In 1929, Acadimie Julian in Paris, 1930-31 state Academy in monks. 1931-32 he works in Paris, then in Lucerne, starting in 1939 in Zörich. Illustrator for various Newspapers and publishers. From 1939 on active service as a graphic artist on the staff of the 8. Division. It's special stamps, post cards, linoleic, and wood cuts. 1943 publication of the soldier book. Scay, 1966-68 editions of the Association for original graphic art. Intense periods of creativity alternating with times vvlliger work well. Bernegger dies Rheinau 1978, in the Cantonal Psychiatric clinic. (Source: SIKART)

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