Lot 465. Alois CARIGIET (1902-1985)

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Lot 465 | Alois CARIGIET (1902-1985)
Alois CARIGIET (1902-1985)
Encounter on the island of Kos
Very large lithograph, 10/100, with pencil signed and dated (19)62
Sheet: 76 x 62.5 cm

Alois Carigiet: graphic designer, Illustrator and painter. Born on 30.8.1902 in Trun, died there on November 1.8.1985. Visit to the primary, secondary, and Canton school in Chur, he was interrupted in 1918 in favor of a decorative painter teaching. 1923 Öbersiedlung to Zörich. In the graphics Studio of Max Dalang, he designed advertisements, brochures and shop window decorations, in addition to festive decorations and Kostöme för Könstlermaskenbdlle the Zörcher. 1927 Ervffnung of their own studios. 1933 Mitbegröndung of the legenddren Cabaret Cornichon, design of the Böhnenbilder, Kostöme and posters. From 1939 on, as a freelance Könstler make tdtig. 1945, there was bell for Ursli (Text by Selina Chvnz), the first of six world-renowned Kinderböchern. 1960 branch in Trun. In 1966, he has been awarded, for the second Time, the young people's book prize, and as the first Swiss the Hans-Christian-Andersen-medal. 1974 award of the Böndner cultural prize.

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