Lot 1875. Archaeology.

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Lot 1875 | Archaeology.
Archaeology. 15 headings from the communications of the Antiquarian society in Zurich. 4°. With numerous illustration in the Text, among other things, Taf. Waste. Einbde.

Contains: basement,F., excavations on the Uetliberg,... in 1839. - Orell,J. C. Cite The Analysis Of 1844. - Keller,F. gold jewellery and Christian symbols found Lunnern... 1847. - Jahn,A. Etruscan Antiquities, In 1852. - Mommsen,T. Inscriptiones Confoederationis Helveticae Latinae, 1854. - Meyer,H. The Votivhand, a Roman Bronze of Aventicum, 1856. - Vischer,W. Brief report of the... Schmid's collection of old rthümern from Augst, 1858. - Runge,H. Pilate and St. Dominic, 1859. - Meyer,H., The Roman Alpine roads in Switzerland, in 1861. - Recherches sur les Antiquites d'Yverdon, 1862. - Jahn,O., Roman antiquities from Vindonissa, 1862. - Heierli,J. and W. Oechsli, prehistory of the Grisons, with the inclusion of the Roman period, in 1903. - Schulthess,O. The Roman Kastell Irgenhausen (Kanton Zürich), 1911. - Scherer,E. The prehistoric and protohistoric antiquities of ur, 1916. - Mommsen,T., Switzerland in the Roman era, without a year specified

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