Lot 50. ARTHUR VON EPPINGHOVEN: "Leopold II of Belgium", Oil on canvas, signed and dated

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Lot 50 | ARTHUR VON EPPINGHOVEN: "Leopold II of Belgium", Oil on canvas, signed and dated
Arthur von Eppinghoven (1852-1940), a half-brother of the Empress of Mexico and a portraitist of his half-brother, the king of Belgium.

The ca 95 x177 cm wide painting shows a bearded gentleman in the company of another, both in hunting uniform. A coachman steers a four-span Carriage before the horses, a young colored man. The painting is signed "A. von Eppinghoven" and dated 1886.

A painter A. from Epping hofen is in Thieme-Becker as an animal painter mentioned. After Th.-B. the castle gallery Gotha has an animal picture of him, das1911 was mentioned in the hand-written directory.

The General artist lexicon AKL (Saur) is not both in its printed Version as well as, in particular, in its updated and error-adjusted Online Version of it that A. is of Eppinghoven. of Epping hofen identical, but also with Arthur von Eppinghoven (1852-1940).

The Portrayed is none other than the king Leopold II of Belgium, which, due to the Similarity to his known portraits. In addition, the horses are wearing a 7-pointed crown, the equivalent of a king's crown.
The colors black-gold-red are the national colors of Belgium.
The only hunting comrade is walking beside the Lord in the Carriage, which speaks for clear differences.

The black servant is likely to come from the Belgian Congo, Leopold II acquired.

The image from a view, painted on, a homage by the painter to his high standing in the half-brother.

The historical significance is that it is the only known portrait is the half-brother of the king of Leopold II. These members of the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was related to almost the whole of the European high nobility, or by marriage. He was the brother-in-law of the Empress Sissi, the murdered Emperor of Mexico, etc.

Dimensions: 95 x 177 cm.
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A Good State Of Preservation.

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