Lot 2455. ARTURO RICCI 1854 Florenz - 1919

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Lot 2455 | ARTURO RICCI 1854 Florenz - 1919
Oil on canvas (doubl.). 41.5 x 59 cm (frame size 56 cm x 73 cm). Signed and ortsbezeichnet bottom right 'Arturo Ricci Firenze. Min. rest., min. damaged frames.
Suspicious look, the noble house Lord eyed the visitor. Lost In thought, he has passed - probably about the intentions of the young man pondering his walking stick to the closed mouth. The monocle, which may be used for the in-depth consideration, he's already fall again. The form of perfect courtly appearance of the visitor, who has removed his frilly three-cornered hat, and now the bow is not objectionable. But so easily he is not able to impress. Because the attitude of the young lady seems to be of similar skepticism. Although they met the guest with an expectant Smile, in your little ladies attitude bias. In spite of his charming Behaviour, the young man probably won't be perceived as a serious admirer. Your researchers view along the fan reveals, nevertheless, a certain amount of curiosity. The visitor may see this as a spur to his courtship.

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