Lot 111. Aspects of the Tara protection and prosperity

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Lot 111 | Aspects of the Tara protection and prosperity
INNER MONGOLIA, Dolonnor, 19. Century
This large-sized Thangka shows the Green Tara with 21 emanations according to the Tradition of Atisha's. according to The legend, the Tara from the tears of compassion of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara arose. Another legend tells of the green Tara have attained many ages ago as a Princess Jnana Chandra many merits. Monks recognized this, and urged the Princess to a re-birth to strive for as a man so she could gain the full enlightenment. The Princess refused, but referred to the differences between the sexes as a Mirage, and took the vow to work until the liberation of all beings, now in a female body. The motive of their activity is compassion, in order to provide aid from the Distress, and assistance in the event of hazards, the ambush of the creatures. The 21 emanations suggest a way to diverse effect. Each of the 21 Taras can be called its own name in appropriate situations and needs. In addition to the Green and White Tara, there are also yellow, red, and blue emanations, each with certain aspects of the work of the Godhead incarnate. In this Thangka, Tara, in addition to their protection-the provision, in a further function, in the form of Vasundhara, the goddess of prosperity. This is found in the centre of the painting, in your own Buddha-field, in a walled gold roof of the temple. In the midst of this temple, appears, their attributes, treasure vase, and desire jewel in his hands, surrounded by nine emanations in the form of Dakinis in dance pose on the Golden treasure vases are floating. You hold In your hands the sheaves of grain from Ears of corn, as a symbol of vases images for fertility, and Golden Honey, symbols of wealth and prosperity. About the Assembly of 21 Taras, many Buddhas; Bodhisattvas; tantric deities and Padmasambhava in the middle, flanked by a Patriarch of the Sakya school. In the vicinity of the Palace, wealth and long life to God to recognize deities, and Dharma protectors. On the right, below, is a farmer's wife depicted the milks their Cow. In the bottom left a monk, and it sits, quite small and modest, a supplicant on a white Lotus flower, perhaps the founders of this thangka painting? Tempera and Gold on cotton fabric, original gold brocade edging (!), with protective cloth.

Provenance: From an old European private collection - Slightly rubbed, traces of old age

92 x 65/160 x 119,5

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