Lot 317. Extremely rare icon of the mother of God of Tichvin with the Titulus "Mary the mother of Christ, the king of Nazareth"

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Lot 317Extremely rare icon of the mother of God of Tichvin with the Titulus "Mary the mother of Christ, the king of Nazareth"
Russia, End Of 19th Century. Century, 31 x 26.5 cm on the right side of the literal Text refers to the legend of the miracle-working icon of this type. In free Translation: "In the year 1643, the two men (merchants) had Dimitij and Vasilij Voskoboinikov a phenomenon, as they wandered for six weeks (with your ship) on the sea around. The mother of God appeared to them in a dream and ordered them, her image, which was when the other believers, to bring to Russia. If you would not fulfil this commandment before would be a worse death. You were on an island Verzaj waste. Close to the shore, a Church, went to the you and a Latin Priest were to stand. You saw there the image of the mother of God (from your dream) as the door to the sacrament niche. For this image they gave the Popen 15 Jefimki. Then they took the picture with on the ship. The icon helped them to a quick trip home to great Novgorod. The command of the mother of God to the icon in the monastery "resurrection of Christ on the field." It says So on the miracle-working image." Below is read: "In Novgorod in the Church of the resurrection on the red box (is a) miracle-working icons with the masses 2 Arsin high, 1 ¼ Arsin wide." A signature with the same dimensions as the present icon is located in the archive of the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, under the inventory no. 2828. The Original icon is since the 20s years of the 20th century. Century as missing. The information is taken from a Expertise of R. Eberhard. The pictured plant is said to have halluzinative effect.

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