Baden: house order of Fidelity, breast star of the Duke Wilhelm of Braunschweig.

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Lot 6Baden: house order of Fidelity, breast star of the Duke Wilhelm of Braunschweig.
Baden: house order of Fidelity, breast star of the Duke Wilhelm of Braunschweig.
Silver carcase, three beams alt-up twice, the multi-piece edition in Gold, partly enameled, wear-related Chips in the cross arm-rests, the Medaillon-ring in red gold, the medallion is the motto as well as the cipher CC in the medallion in the medallion in silver, finely chased, the ciphers in the arm angles on the body pinned, the back panel, two tray screwed with the manufacturer's cartridge, and P. WILLET IN Carl rest, on needle, two side hooks.
GKDII 598, KB1 74, VL 8a, OEK20 74 x 76 mm, 39,7 g.

Superior breast star, can most certainly be counted among the earliest metal-star of the house order of Fidelity. The specimen is imaged both in Arnhard Graf Klenau: order in Germany and Austria, Band II, and in the case of Karsten Klingbeil: order of 1700-2000, vol. I. Wilhelm von Braunschweig was the second son of Duke Friedrich Wilhelm of Braunschweig and Lüneburg, and his wife Maria of Baden. After Friedrich Wilhelm is fallen in the battle of Quatre-Bras in 1815, he came with his brother under the front of the unschaft of his uncle, king George of Hanover. From 1820 to 1822 the brothers were in Lausanne, and Wilhelm returned in the autumn of 1823 to study in Göttingen. At this time he was captain in the Garde-Husaren-Regiment in Hannover. After his brother had attained the age of majority, and the government took over operations in Braunschweig, gave him his brother the Silesian Duchy of Oels, that he reigned until 1830. Thereafter, he was - after his brother had to due to a popular uprising to flee, at the request of the population of the city of Braunschweig with the Regency entrusted, which he led until his death on 18 October 1884. Militarily, he gained on the 27. June 1848 the rank of Kgl. Hanoverian field Marshal, and was the owner of the Kgl. Hannover Garde-Kürassier-regiment and the Austrian K&K Dragoon regiment No. 7. Star with incredible charisma and significant Provinienz.
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