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Lot 1595 | Bader, J.
Bader, J., Badenia, or the badische country and people, a magazine for Patriotic history and geography. Publisher by J. Bader. Jg. 1-2 (von 3) in 2 Bdn. Karlsruhe u. Freiburg, Herder, 1839-40. Gr.8°. 4 grenzkol. (partially dplblattgroß) lith. Cards & 1-stamped coat-of-arms-Taf. VIII, 290, 20; 320 p. model blue Maroquinbde. with gold embossed Fillets and back title

Unbeschn. Ex. The majority of the Taf is missing. u cards. - Contains the maps of the Rhine Franks, medieval Breisgau, Triberg u. fürstenberg countries-map. - Tls. foxing - In: Ders. That. 2. Band, Heidelberg, Emmerling 1862. 2 Bl., 623 p. hardcover the time (Rckn. with linen überkl.). - Jack,J. B. Botanical walks at the lake of Constance and the Hegau. Fbg., 1892. 55, 4 (Supplement), pp. cardboard tape of the time

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