Lot 2611. Bartoli, P.S.

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Lot 2611 | Bartoli, P.S.
Sigismundi Augusti Mantuam Adeuntis Profectio ac Triumphus. Rome, De Rubeis 1680. Qu.Gr.Fol. With Tit stamped., Dedication leaf & 24 composite-etchings by d. Triumphzugs. Late. Canvas (Operation. u something the best.)
Cicognara 3367. Massari 1993, P. 244. Ornamentstichslg. Bln. 4075. Not at Le Blanc. - The Palazzo del Te is shown the procession of attacks on the relief of the columns of Trajan and Marcus Aurelius back to work. Bartoli is interpreted here as the catchment of the Emperor Sigismund into Mantua in 1433, as this brought the area of the Johann Franz Gonzaga to the marquisate of Mantua. - Breitrandiges Ex., the arches tls. new Front aufgefalzt,. renewed and some glue, shady, 3 Taf. water flow on the workin. (hint. Location a bit stronger), a little browned, among low stockfl. Fresh, contrast prints tlws rich. from the 2 plates.

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