Lot 1810. Bäumler, G. S.

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Lot 1810 | Bäumler, G. S.
Compassionate doctor at all against all the arms Krancke, in particular against the Medicis remote country-people, with Common Hauss-means,... 2. verm. Edition (Strasbourg, Dulßecker 1736). 4 Bl., 598 P., 8 Bl. - ╔Connected: Ibid.╗ Short description of the in Novemb. previous 1734ten year to Germersheim,... Heated - Malicious fever,... Ibid. 1735. 46 S. Prgt. the time (Re-staked, browned u. fl.).
Cf. Waller 598. - Popular folk medicine book to read are often curious and amusing. Title with Edge tear-out, aufkasch. Beginning with kl. anges. Eckabrissen, a little browned tls. fl. In front of the. renewed. - ╔In: (steel,G. F.╗ Of the basic quantitative Medici niches key Completely Four and zwantzig Theile) opened: Ninth opening of the true hafftigen key...Lpz., Coerner 1723. 1 Bl., S. 855-1724. Mod. Hprgt. - ╔Herbal man,V. (d. i. C. Hellwig).╗ Doctrine of the infallible indicator of the urine, the pulse, of the temperature and of the blood. With annotations, and end-to-end improved v. J. G. It. Augsburg, Wolff, 1797. 8 BI., 280 P. Mod. Hldr. - Hirsch-H. Rare! - Stronger Signs Of Wear. - ╔Hellwig,C. v.╗ (Monthly herbs-Lust, or newly created orchards and pleasure gardens, within which are the seeds, Wurtzeln, herbs, and flowers, &C., form, place, time, Kräffte, Praeparata, Artzneyen, Doses, &C. to find. Such a Discurse v. the urine. Zittau 1721). 440 p. (ohne Titelbl.). - ╔Connected: Ibid.╗ Increased, to one hundred year asked curiöser Hauss-Calender...10. ed. Erfurt, Room 1731. With Front stamped. 184 P. Mod. Pbd. - For the author, see Hirsch H., III, 149 u. Ferch 1223. - Tls. strong signs of use. - ╔Haller,A. v.╗ Primal lineae physiologiae in usum praelectionum academicarum auctae et emendatae. Göttingen, Vandenhoeck 1751. With Titelvign stamped. - Lundsgaard 472. Blake 196. Wellcome III, 198. - Second Edition. - 2 additional side dishes. Together 7 Vols.

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