Lot 226. Bavaria: documents of the estate of the Minister of war and major-General Moritz Ritter von Spies

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Lot 226Bavaria: documents of the estate of the Minister of war and major-General Moritz Ritter von Spies
Bavaria: documents of the estate of the Minister of war and major-General Moritz Ritter von Spies.
- The Royal merit of the Bavarian crown, knight's cross (Munich, 1861, OU) order
- Matrikular extract for this purpose
- The Royal order of merit of Saint Michael, knight's cross (Munich, 1854, OU)
- Greece by knife: Savior medal, Silver knight's cross (Athens, 1837, OU)
- Austria: Leopold order, order of the Iron crown, 2. Class (Vienna, 1858, OU)
- Adoption of the approval of the Austrian order of the Iron crown, 2. Class (1858, OU)
- Austria: Leopold order, knight's cross (Vienna, 1850, OU)
- Adoption of the approval of the Austrian Leopold order, knight's cross, (1851, OU)
- Adoption of a permit for a brilliant ring of the Russian tsars (1854, OU)
- Copy over the leadership of the nobility predicate (Berlin, 6.6.1891, OU)

Sub - Lieutenant (Aschaffenburg, 1826, OU Ludwig)
- Captain (Athens, 1835, OUs)
Character as a Major (1837, OU)
- Major (Athens, 1837, OU)
Character as a Lieutenant Colonel (1841, OU)
Upper Lieutenant (Munich, 1843, OU Ludwig)
- Captain (Munich, 1844, OU Ludwig)
- Major (Munich, 1848, OU Ludwig II.)
- War Ministerial officer (Munich, 1850, OU)
- Colonel Lieutenant (Munich, 1852, Ludwig II.)
- Colonel (Munich, 1855, OU Ludwig II.)
- Major General (Munich, 1859, Ludwig II.)
- The Council of state in extraordinary services and the Secretary of war, (Munich, 1861, OU Maximilian II.)

This includes a lot of Writing, relating to its time and usage in Greece, as well as the service time in his Bavarian homeland. Personal letters of Maximilian II., as well as the obituary.

Moritz Spieß was at the 31. December 1805 Ansbach was born. In 1823 he entered as a Conducteur of the first genius division of the engineer corps, and a year later only to 3rd and then to 5th. From 1832 to 1843 he accompanied, as a young officer, the young king Otto to Greece. There, he served in the engineering corps, in the war Ministry and General staff. U. a. he was the commander of the pioneer Division and reached the rank of major. As he at 13. August 1843 was back in the Bavarian services - he was a Lieutenant in than the top (!) in the corps of engineers set. After he was first at the fortress command-Ingolstadt, he was promoted in October to the rank of captain and to the General quartermaster staff was added. As a Major, he accompanied the major-General Le Siure to the military meetings of the southern German States to the Karlsruhe, and was in command in September of the same year, the Reich Ministry of war in Frankfurt. Back in Munich, he was a consultant in the Ministry of war and was thereafter Reorganisator of the cadet corps. After he had been in 1859, to major General promoted, he was first Deputy war Minister von Lüder, and a Ministerial Commissioner to the Parliament. The command of the genius corps lasted only a short time - since Maximilian II appointed after the resignation of Lüders to the Secretary of war and Council of state. After an interim basis conducted by the office only, it was granted to him to occupy the year of his death in 1862, again the office of Minister of war. 10. October, 1862, he dies of bladder cancer in Munich. Rare estate, not only by the early award documents and the Patent to major General and war Minister - but also the interesting life he trod.
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