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Lot 1605 | Bavarian Library.
Bavarian Library. Welcome. u clean hard edited by K. v. stoettner u. K. Trautmann. Volumes 1-30 in 28 Bdn. Bamberg, Buchner, 1890-92. With numerous figure Obroschiert linen in 6 and a half cartridges.

Extensive, well-complete series. - Includes: Martinus Balticus; Destouches,E. of The house order of knights of St. George; Holland,H. Franz Graf Pocci; Haus dorfer,M. the Work of the Bavarian Alps; Ree,P. Peter Candid; Riggauer,H. path, The K. Münzakabinett; Vogt,W. Elias Holl; Meyerhofer,J. schleiss home; Leitschuh,F. The Germanic Museum;, F. Aventine; Hefner-Alteneck,J. Bayer. National Museum; Kluckhorn,A. Lorenz, of West Rieder; Günther,S. Martin Behaim; Muncker,F. Fr.Rückert; Trautmann,K. Oberammergau & its passion play; Gmelin,L., The St. Michael's Church in Munich; the country and the people in the Bavarian forest, Brenner,O., dialects and written language in Bavaria; Goetze,E. Hans Sachs; Holland,H. T. Horschelt; Haushofer,M. the Alpine landscape and the Alps,Mummenhoff, E. Altnürnberg; Braunmühl say;, A. C. Scheiner; Heigel,K. K. Stieler; u. v. m. Band 26 without a front cover. Excerpt from all Titelbl., partially with minimal loss of Text.

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