Lot 236. Significant sculptural art Nouveau-style Vase with figures of children

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Lot 236Significant sculptural art Nouveau-style Vase with figures of children
by Jeanne Jozon (1868 - 1946) and Edmond Lachenal (1855-1948) a Vase of stoneware with figures made of dark brown patinated Bronze. Signature "J. JOZON". At The Bottom Model No. 8965. Baluster-shaped, thick-walled Vase with ovoidem the body, and three passigem, spirally twisted neck; crystalline overflow glaze in beige, green, and blue tones. On the neck, leaning or sitting on one's shoulder, to the left is a girl and on the right is a young man full of plastic figures. The Vase also was available in different versions: in a ceramic Version, both with and without bronze figures; in one embodiment, entirely of Bronze. H. 62 cm. Jozon studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Bourges and was a student of the sculptor Denys Puech. After it was already signed in 1897 with a medal in mind when she entered in 1906, the Sociétaire des Artistes Français. For many years, Jozon worked together with the significant ceramics workshop, Edmond Lachenals, for which they supplied the models. An important sculptural Art Nouveau stoneware vase with crystalline glaze and bronze children figures by Jeanne Jozon and Edmond Lachenal. Signed, "J. JOZON". Paris. To 1895-1910.

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