Lot 1617. Bodenehr, G.

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Lot 1617 | Bodenehr, G.
Bodenehr, G. Curioses state and war Theatrum am Rhein, by different Geographic, Topographic and Historical Land-Carten, Grundriße, and Prospect Explained. - The Curiosen state and war Theatri on the Rhine, of the other part, or the Lower Rhine. 2 Tle. in 1 Band in Augsburg, self-published (1720). Qu.4°. With 2 ankoloriert titles stamped u. 58 partially folded Kupfertaf. Half-leather of the time (operation. u. best.).

Cf. Phillips 2814. - The complete first volume (with two deliveries) of the total 3 volumes (with a total of 10 deliveries) comprehensive work. 5 border contains coloured maps; of the 53 plans, views, maps, and 13 folded plans. The copper in the Individual: part I: area of the origin of the Rhine, the Belfort, is one of three municipalities, Breisach (5 panels and border coloured map of the area), Neu-Breisach, Freiburg I. Br. (3), Fort-Louis (1 panel and border map of the area), The lines of Stoll-hofen, Karlsruhe, Strasbourg, fortress of Kehl, Haguenau, sélestat/Selestat, Lichtenberg castle, Landau (3), Philip castle, the area between the Landau, Speyer and Philippsburg (border colored coloured), Heidelberg, Worms. - Part II: Speyer (2), Pfalz castle/Phalsbourg, Mainz (2), Mannheim, Rhine rock, Trarbach with the Grevenburg (2), Mont-Royal a. d. Mosel (2 panels and border coloured map of the area), Koblenz (2), Cologne, Rhine mountain, Trier (1 panel and border coloured map of the area), saarbrücken castle, Saarlouis, Homburg castle, Luxembourg (border coloured map), Metz (2), Bastion Luxembourg, Tull/Toul (2), Verdun (2). - The view from Toul something knapprandig brown cropped spotty; sometimes spotty, and a few more-or-less fingers and shop-soiled, in edge and in the creases without damage.

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