Lot 2083. Brückmann, F. E.

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Lot 2083 | Brückmann, F. E.
Magnalia dei in locis subterraneis, Or underground treasure-chamber of All the kingdoms and countries, in a detailed description of All the more than the MDC. Bergwercke Through All of the four world-Theile. Bd. 1 (of 2). Braunschweig, Germany, in 1727. Fol. With Portrait, Titelvign stamped. and 13 copper plates. 5 Bl., 368 P., 9 Bl. Ldr. the time with Rverg. u Rsch. (Operation. u. best., something fl., tls. Sciaves pure).
Hoover 181. Cooking 75. Rooler-G. I, 175. First Edition. - The first part of the first compendium of mountain plants in the world, according to the Agricola and Münster up run directories. "Brückmann wrote this work on the basis of studies in the mining areas of Germany and Hungary, and richer knowledge of the entire literature" (Koch). - Dealt with the pits and mines of all the European countries as well as Africa, Asia, and America. - The plates show minerals, mine plans, as well as views of a Goldbach in America, and the silver mines of Potosi in Peru. - Tls. stockfl. In front of the. stronger browned. Breitrandiges Ex. with a few marginalia by an old Hand.

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