Lot 1674. Buchholtz, S.

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Lot 1674 | Buchholtz, S.
Buchholtz, S. experiment in the history of the Duchy of Mecklenburg, with a Preface, v. A., J. D. Aepinus. Rostock, Röse 1753. With 8 partly dpblattgroß and master folded panels. 5 Bl., 776 P., 13 Bl. Leather of the time with professions. Gilt back plate (Tls. rubbed & best., something fl.).

ADB 3,480. - First work of the historian Buchholtz (1717-74), the number of written rich writings on the history of Prussia. In three annexes to the counts and bishops of Schwerin, and the bishops of Ratzeburg be treated. - Easily separated floor of the browned, foxing Without a stamped Front. - In: Justissime decisiones imperiales in causis Mecklenburgicis. Or all of the highest and of all the fairest Kayser of the Royal Erkenntniße and regulations, including the kurtzen extract, which is in Mecklenburg. Knights and Country, to which country-Reversalen ... in some of the contested table of the three principles ... from anno 1660 bite... 1745 ertheilet ... been. 3. increasingly, edition of 0.0. 1746. Fol. 5 Bl., 328 P., 478, 528 S., 1 Bl. (Continued). Parchment of the time (Browned u. fl., partly wavy). - Cont. browned u. foxing in. Rs. ("Pars I.") and Rv. (Stronger rubbed, t. browned a little water stable & stronger). Exists. Band Rescripte from 1661 to 1728 again.

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