Lot 1834. (Buonmattei, B.).

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Lot 1834 | (Buonmattei, B.).
(Buonmattei, B.). Descrizion delle feste fatte in Firenze per la cationizzazione di S. to. Andrea Corsini. Florence, Zanobi Pignoni 1632. 4°. With Kupfertit. and 20 Copper v. Stefano della Bella & wood print cut mark. 3 Bl., 86 SS. Priv. Parchment d. 20. Century

Cicognara 1439. Libreria Vinciana 202. Wet 19 and 73. Vesme 884-904. Vinet 812. The Only Output. - You can the illustration. della Bellas with the historical scroll, about which the Holy Annunziata Callot's compare. "Similar to Callot, Stefano della Bella fills in the Background of each leaf with kl. Figures. The main process is always used in kl. Cartridges are to be found allegorical in addition to representations. However, our engraver seeks to achieve primarily a painterly effect of the image. Although the figures are often sold in quite a similar manner as in Callot in the foreground, big & dark, strong on the edge, among them a lighter more delicate Background with the whole of kl. Accessories are added. Della Bella is also always more in the area, samples the Material, u is sensitive to all sensory stimuli" (Wet). - Very rarely. - Only edition, very rare. With copper engraved title and 20 copper engravings. Vellum of the 20th century.

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