Lot 1929. Büsch, J. G.

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Lot 1929 | Büsch, J. G.
Büsch, J. G. outline of a history of the most remarkable world Handel more recent times, in a narrative present ends. Hamburg, Bohn, 1781. 6 Bl., 275 p. hardcover d. 19. Century with late. Back Of Sign (Sth. rubbed u. best.).

Humpert 13244. - First edition of this short but concise history of the world of the well-known Hamburg-based journalist, educator and economist Johann Georg Büsch (1728-1800). The period of 1440 to 1780. "Through his writings on Commerce, science Büsch has prepared the construction of the modern science and at the same time, the trade-, exchange - and the law of the sea encouraged. Büsch was a co-founder of the Patriotic society, and a friend of Klopstock, and Reimarius" (NDB III, 3). Furthermore, Büsch 1768 founded the Hamburg-based trading Academy, whose most famous students of Alexander von Humboldt, as well as some of the respected Hamburg merchants Georg Heinrich Sieveking, Johann Michael Hudtwalcker and Martin Johann Jenisch. Later on one of G. G. Bredow released sequel appeared. - Tls. slightly stained, in Front of. renewed. - In: Hübner,J. Genealogical tables,... the Political history... Only part 1. Leipzig, 1737. Half vellum of the time (B 3918, 3857)

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