Lot 1648. Chezy, H.v.

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Lot 1648 | Chezy, H.v.
Chezy, H. v., a Handbook for travellers to Heidelberg, and in s. environments. 3. according to the new plan edit. & output dr of the paintings of Heidelberg, Mannheim, etc., Heidelberg, Engelmann (1838), corrected. With 3 lithogr. Faltpl., 2 lithogr. Cards & 1 folded several times lithogr. Panorama. VI, 154 p. cardboard tape of the time (Sth. fl., part u. rubbed best.).

Very rare. - With d. of 3 plates pushed. Panorama of Heidelberg with fifürl. Staffage. - - This: Graimberg,K. v. images of the princes of the house of Palatinate stand-Bavaria to the castle chapel, Heidelberg, Germany. Statues of the Princes de la Maison Palatine-Bowl sur la Chapelle du Chateau de Heidelberg. O. O. (1852). Qu.8°. With 9 lithogr. Taf. 18 figure original cardboard band - Very rare to be detected, a small ribbon with historic plaques. - Tls. foxing - Banks,W. Stirlig and Scottish Lakes. Stirling, Shearer (1850). Qu.8°. With lithogr. Titles & 19 stole.-Taf. with views v. W. Banks. Illustration(s) OU. (Signs of wear).

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