Lot 45. Chog zing - the Great refuge tree of the Gelugpa school of Tibet

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Lot 45 | Chog zing - the Great refuge tree of the Gelugpa school of Tibet
TIBET, 19th century. Century
This Thangka is a tool for the refuge. It is the basic Practice in Buddhism. It is executed before every your Meditation and every Ritual. In order to escape the endless Suffering, to which man is subjected in accordance with the Buddhist teachings through countless rebirths, you need a Foundation on which you can rely on in any Situation. This Foundation of the Buddha, his teaching and the "community of the path to enlightenment", which will be referred to as the three refuges. With three Bowing, in which certain prayer formulas to be spoken, and the "Chogs-zing" is visualized, takes the meditator, then, the vow to strive for the benefit of all living beings to enlightenment based on the three places of refuge. On this Thangka, Buddha Shakyamuni is located at the top of the refuge tree, surrounded by many of the tantric God, the Thirty-five-Clean Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Arhats, protectors and the four world guardians. On the right-hand and left-hand side of the tree wipfels two groups of Lamas. It is the succession of lines of two at first sight conflicting teaching directions of Buddhist philosophy, i.e., speak of two different paths to enlightenment. On the right side of the Yogacara-school, which teaches that all seems to be imbued with different kinds of things from the "Void". Asanga received these teachings directly from the Bodhisattva Maitreya, is probably the most famous representative of this educational direction. On the left side of the Buddha, is the succession line of the Madhyamika school, that is, the number of those who is the middle way between the Extremes. The most famous representative of this teaching in the direction of the Indian Pandita Nagarjuna, who received the Transmission of this teaching in the direction of the Bodhisattva Manjugosha. Countless sacred sites are also shown, as well as visionary appearances of the Paradise on clouds, which can not be explained in all. In this refuge tree, it is a very complex representation, the readability of a requirement due to the abrasion of many of the effort, however, in Mediation, quite meaningless.original brocade mount, with protective curtain, a very fine piece of painting, however, Abrasions.

66.5 x 49(132 x 80)

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