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Lot 2289 | Chopin, Le P.
France et Syrie. Souvenirs de Ghazir et de Beyrouth. Tours, Mame, 1890. 4°. With num. Holzschn. in the Text, among other things, Taf. 368 P. Color. illustration. Olwd. with gold stamping. u Goldschn. (Etw. operation. u. best.).
Tls. easy stockfl. - ╔In: Miller,E. E.╗ - Alone through Syria. 2. Edition, London 1892. With Taf. - Rare. - ╔Curtis,G. W.╗ The wanderer in Syria. London, 1852. - ╔Patterson,J. L.,╗ the Journal of a tour in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, and Greece. New York, 1852. 5-usually tinted. lithogr. Taf., 1 dplblgr. lithogr. Plan. - ╔Homet,M.╗, Syrie, terre irredente. L'histoire secrète du Traité Franco-Syrien. Où va le Proche-Orient. Paris (1938). - Tls. Signs of a further 8 Bde. to Syria, 19. Century, together 13 Vols.

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