Lot 2694. Cochrane,J.D.

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Lot 2694Cochrane,J.D.
Cochrane,J. D. a journey on foot through Russia and Siberian Tartarey, and from the Chinese border to the Eismeere and to Kamchatka. Weimar in 1825. VI, 496 S, 1 Bl. Half-leather of the time with gold back embossed plate (Small rubbed).

(= The new library d. the most important journey descriptions; Band 40). - Cochrane travel (1820-23) should consider whether America and Asia, their land masses together, what had been presumed to be J. Burney still 1819. - Clean Ex. - In: Beniowski,M. A. v travels through Siberia and Kamchatka, through Japan and China to Europe... Berlin, 1790. 4 Kupfertaf. - (= Magazine of strange new travel descriptions...; Band 3). - Nordenskiöld,A. E. v, The circumnavigation of Asia and Europe..., 2 vols, Leipzig 1882. With 2 Portrait(s), cards, and the figure in the Text, inter alia, Taf stamped. Band 2 is present twice. - Hue,A. M Deuxieme expedition antarctique francaise... Paris in 1915. 4°. - (Ray,P. H.) Report of the International Polar Expedition to Point Barrow, Alaska. Washington, 1885. 4°. With colour lithogr. Front. u. Taf. Chun,C. (editor) books, Scientific results of the German deep-sea Expedition... 6 Single. Jena, 1908-30. - Wasting. strong signs of use, not in-depth kollat. Together 13 Volumes

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